The Procedure Series is a sequential series of videos that explore the experience of a hospital patient, both mentally and physically. The word procedure refers to a medical act preformed on or to the patient. Repetitive acts and seemingly long durations allude to the experience of the hospital stay and serve as a distraction from the illness. The action is subtle with static shots that allow for focus on a single movement or act. The world created exists between that of reality and the surreal.

Exceprts from the Procedures Series (2007-2008)

Procedure 1 (2007)

Procedure 2 (2007)

Procedure 3 (2007)

Procedure 4 (2007)

Procedure 5 (2007)

Procedure 6 (2008)

Procedure 7 (2008)

Procedure 8 (2008)

Procedure 9 (2008)

Procedure 10 (2008)

Procedure 11 (2008)

Regional Sampler Performance, University City Public Library, St. Louis, MO (2007)